About Us

I started designing and making my ceramics 28 years ago when my then husband and I left teaching to earn our livings by handsculpting ceramic figures and running a small craft gallery in a tiny redundant village school which we converted into a home as well.  The business grew as did our family ( three daughters ) and the figures I made became known as the 'faceless ladies'. During this time, my children grew up  and I remarried.

This brings us to the latest phase in my business / art career. We gave up the old school / gallery and moved into a lovely Georgian town house in Alnwick where I have my small studio at the back of the house. My new husband Peter began helping me with the sculptures as demand exceeded supply and we found my animal sculptures becoming more and more popular. In the beginning of my career I was making 95% figures 5% other / animals, now it has become 90% animals and 10% figures. 

 Each year I attend a trade fair in April where I meet buyers from Galleries, shops and craft centres who place orders for my work based on the samples I show and my catalogue. I also attend a couple of ' Potfests' and a couple of 'Xmas shows'  per year, where I sell directly to the public. This gives me direct feedback on my designs and pricing structure. I also work to commision making family groups, wedding couples,  children and specific dogs 
All my work is hand sculpted from stoneware clay, it's  given it's unique quality of hairyness by my use of shredded clay, and is then left to dry naturally, often outside in the sun. When thoroughly dry it's bisc fired  in a kiln to a 1000 degrees C, then cooled slowly . After that it's glazed, this can either be dipping and / or hand painting. All pieces then have to have their bases wiped before going back in the kiln for the final firing to 1250 degrees C. When they finally emerge from the kiln they have to be individually wrapped and packed for despatch. All in all the turn around is about 3 - 4 weeks. Busy times it can be 6- 8 weeks.

I am always trying out new designs and working on improving the quality of my work, and see it as impressionistic realism for the animals and sophisticated simplicity for the figures.
Often demand outstrips supply and this is no more apparent than the run up to Xmas. Due to the lengthy production processes, sculpting, drying and twice firing there's a time cut off for Xmas commissions which is usually the 18 th Nov.
I do have a limited amount of stock for the last Xmas show I attend at Brancepeth Castle 26th-28th Nov.